The U.S. Department of Justice says an estimated 200 to 300 girls are sex trafficked each day in the
State of Georgia. Domestic Violence Roundtable invited Micah’s Promise and Georgia Cares to the Columbus Public Library to have a quarterly lunch and learn to have a discussion about sex trafficking. 

In 2016, Georgia Cares reported that they provided services to 469 kids but since then Georgia Cares is now providing care to almost double that number. Knowing this Rhonda Dial of the Domestic Violence Roundtable chose to hold a discussion with local leaders to tackle this issue.

“Me myself personally,I’m just learning a lot about the sex trafficking here in Columbus, Muscogee county and what I have heard there is a lot of it,” Dial said.

During the presentation Micah’s Promise and Georgia Cares addressed as long as their is a demand sex traffickers will find a way to supply.Georgia care says Atlanta is the third largest city for sex trafficking in America and said that even though it’s an hour and a half way sex trafficking is a transient issue.

“It’s not only in a certain demographic, socioeconomic area or level in this community. You could have a party house in one of our higher end neighborhoods any home it could be hidden in plain sight,” Bobbi Starr,Executive Director of Micah’s Promise said.

Local leaders from Muscogee county Troup county, Chattahoochee county, and Russell county were also in attendance and added their input after the presentation. 
Robyn Windibank of Georgia Cares says homeless children are the most vulnerable. 

“So children who are the most vulnerable people in the world are homeless here in Columbus I think that’s shocking and I hope it empowers everyone to get out there and help,” said Windibank. 

There is an unfunded mandate to include sex trafficking training to educators. Georgia Cares says they are working to get this training in schools. 

To combat this issue Micah’s promise is seeking to open a therapeutic center for victims of sexual trafficking. Starr of Micah’s Promise says so far they have around nine hundred thousand towards their goal of one point five million dollars.