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Local tax experts expect work overload due to government shutdown

COLUMBUS, GA (WRBL) - Today marks the 27th day since the government shutdown had an impact on thousands of federal employers, but it also effects many local tax preparers.

In Columbus, some tax agencies are facing a tough business period with the lack of foot traffic coming through their doors, when scheduling for appointments before the tax filing season, but tax experts aren't expecting the lull period last. 

Tax experts say this year they are anticipating a major work overload for its staff because the irs is currently working with only 57% of its workers to process returns.

"when we are normally returning a return to a client within 7 no later than 14 days. so the normal wait time is 7 to 21 days and with them being understaffed i'm looking at probably 30 days before they will be able to get their return out" says lagenia arnold, co-owner of taxes done right llc.

Arnold adds the challenge the irs will soon face is helping  about 18.3 million tax payers submit a return. 

The processing date for tax returns nationwide is January 28th.

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