It was the moment military veteran Dr. Jean Keel will never forget. Of ten thousand submissions, she was a top six finalist for the Nexstar Remarkable Women contest, announced on the Mel Robbins Show.

“It’s not a matter of being number one but it’s a matter of being a platform and a speaker for those voices,” said Dr. Jean Keel, a Nexstar Remarkable Woman.

Those voices Dr. Keel speaks for are veterans. Women who were victimized and traumatized while serving this country. Dr. Keel founded Tender, Love and Care Farm in Lee County. It’s where those traumatized women come, many with PTSD, to find healing and hope. Dr. Keel is grateful for this contest, not for the fame or fortune, but  because it puts a spotlight on the plight of female veterans.

“That’s a blessing in itself, just to be recognized that we are here and we are hoping to do more for the women that are homeless and experiencing military sexual trauma and PTSD because our goal is to help prevent suicides,” said Dr. Keel.

Dr. Keel is a huge fan of the Mel Robbins show and as a finalist was to have won a trip to New York City for a show taping. But the Coronavirus pandemic nixed those plans. But that’s okay for Dr. Keel. She’s had her moment in the sun.

“Blessed, grateful, grateful to WRBL for considering me for the Remarkable Woman of the Chattahoochee Valley. I want to thank WRBL for being an instrument in this community that reaches out and to even support a program like the Remarkable Woman because it did enhance the voice that we needed for these women and if it was one sitting at home and they heard about this show then they heard about the farm then we have done our job, ” said Dr. Keel.

Now she’s back to the remarkable women she serves. If you’d like to volunteer at Tender, Love and Care Farm, you can call Dr. Keel at (706) 505-5186.