Local voter machine concern ahead of Georgia primary runoff election Tuesday

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A computer science professor at CSU is being very vocal about her voting machines concerns. She says the machines in Muscogee Co. are at risk of being hacked.

“If we lose faith in our fair election process then our democratic system will break down completely,” says Dr. Lydia Ray, Computer Science Professor at CSU.

“I wanted people to know how easy it is to launch cyber attacks.”- says Dr. Ray.

“Georgia is one of the five states that uses this direct recording equipment or DRE voting machines that don’t produce a paper trail. So once a vote is cast there is no way to verify the vote or audit these votes. These DRE’s are “hackable” in many different ways.”says Dr. Ray.

Dr. Ray says those ways include hackers being able to change the vote count.

“It is difficult but it is possible,” says Dr. Ray.

She says she’s trying to avoid incidents like the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“2016 election, Russians were able to increase racial tension in the United States. They were able to polarize this country and increase the divisiveness. Nobody knows yet, if there was any influence on the actual vote-counts, but these were also significant problems.” says Dr. Ray. 

We reached out the Muscogee County Supervisor of Elections Office for comment. We were referred to the Secretary of State’s office.

We were told, “Georgia has a statewide, uniform voting system and a statement should come from the state.”

After making several calls to the Secretary of State’s Office we were unable to get our calls returned. We were able to find information online about what you should do if you happen to notice any fraudulent voting activity.

One way to do this is call the Voter Fraud Hotline: 1- 877-725-9797.

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