Locals weigh in on Trump’s new decision to lift transgender bathroom directive

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COLUMBUS, Ga. — We’re taking a closer look at President Trump’s decision to lift federal guidelines pertaining to transgender students’ use of public school bathrooms.

Here are the facts last May Former President Barack Obama issued a directive saying that transgender students should be allowed to use public school bathrooms and locker rooms matching their *chosen gender identity.

Wednesday, the Trump Administration reversed that directive saying it

was causing confusion and lawsuits over how it should be applied.

It will now be left up to states and school districts to decide.

Although the Obama guidance was not legally binding,

Transgender rights advocates say it was necessary to protect students from discrimination.

Opponents argued it was federal overreach.

I took the issue to the Chattahoochee Valley today and got some mixed reviews.

“So many people say..well this allows perverts to go in. You can’t stop that today!”

That’s Jeremy Hobbs, the director of Colgay Pride in Columbus.

He explains why he’s opposed to Trump’s new transgender bathroom decision.

“We left it up to the states before on who we can marry and they made a poor choice in that decision as well and we finally had the Supreme Court take care of that decision.” says Hobbs.

Hobbs says transgenders are people and they need to be considered at the end of the day.

“When we leave it up to states I believe what we’re taking out of the equation is people’s rights.” says Hobbs.

Hobbs is proposing what he feels- could put an end to having a transgender bathroom decision in the first place.

“What we need is unisex restrooms not a male, female…whatever you identify with. If you’ve been through the whole transitioning process and you’ve come from a man to a woman, then you are entitled to go to that women’s restroom.” says Hobbs.

And other local residents are weighing in tonight. I caught up with residents who say they are in support of Trump’s new rule and I caught up with another person who says they’re opposed.

“I would agree with him. You can’t change what you are. You can wish, you can fantasize all you want but you are who you are.” says Nelson Bullock, a Columbus resident.

“So be it! Let em go to whatever bathroom they want. We can’t judge anybody. We gonna be judged so why are we going around judging people.” says Gwen Walker, A Columbus resident.

Strong mixed reviews on the matter continue to surface.

What hasn’t been determined is what will happen if the states and the school district’s do not agree on a transgender bathroom decision.

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