UPDATE 2/26/19 — 9:42 AM:

A source familiar with Jones’ history has informed us that he was on parole while allegedly committing a previous crime last week.

Jones reportedly led law enforcement on a 20-mile chase after speeding at 107 miles in Henry County.

The chase ended behind Sears, where Jones reportedly tried to escape on foot but was taken into custody. When he left his vehicle, it rolled back and hit a patrol car.

The following week, he would be charged with the murder of Paul Roberts.

UPDATE 2/26/19 — 9:10 AM:

Dothan police have released the mugshot of Jeremy Jermain Jones, who has been charged with murder. News 18 has also learned that the victim was Paul Roberts, 63, of Houston County.

UPDATE 2/25/19:

News 18 has confirmed that one person has died as a result of the crash. Ben Stanfield will be live at 10:00 p.m. with more details.


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The northbound lanes on Ross Clark Circle at Highway 52 have been closed after a suspected car thief got into a head-on collision.

The suspect reportedly was attempting to evade police in an SUV when he went down the wrong way on the Circle across from Larry’s  Pit Barbecue, hitting a car straight on.

After the crash, he tried to escape police by running to the Krystal Burgers restaurant at 1051 Ross Clark Circle, where he was then arrested.

Since the Dothan Police Department is still working on the scene, they have released the following warning to commuters:

The Dothan Police Department is working an active crash scene at Ross Clark and Kelly we asked motorists to please avoid the area as there are major closures and delays on Ross Clark Circle. There is an ongoing investigation of this crash and multiple criminal acts that preceded involving one of the vehicles. We ask the public to understand that there may be as many as four scenes to investigate leading up to the area we now stand so we ask for patience and understanding as we have members of patrol, investigations and traffic working diligently to find answers.