Manchester Expressway Chick-fil-A wants to add Kadie the Cow to its herd

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The owner-operator of one Columbus Chick-fil-A restaurant is offering a greener pasture to an iconic local landmark.

Kadie the Cow has been on a piece of land off Manchester Expressway since 1967. The large black-and-white cow statute once marked the location of the Kinnett Dairies milk operation on land near what is now Peachtree Mall.

The dairy is long gone, but the cow has remained out front of a Best Buy store. The electronics retailer has announced it’s leaving the location for Columbus Park Crossing.

That leaves a big question unanswered: What happens to Kadie?

Alex Vann, who owns and operates two local Chick-fil-A stores, is making his moooo-ve to relocate Kadie to the front of the Manchester Expressway restaurant less than a half of mile from where the cow is located.

“We think we have a solution for Kadie,” Vann said on Thursday. “Kadie’s pasture has grown bare. … We think we have some green pastures right here at Chick-fil-A.”

There is an obvious reason Vann would like a giant cow out in front of his Chick-fil-A. The Georgia-based company has built its marketing around cows encouraging people to eat more chicken.

There is a sign in front of the store that reads: “We would love to adopt Kadie the Cow.”

It is a no-brainer for Vann.

“Kadie is a landmark,” Vann said. “Kadie is an icon. The Kinnett Diary was a family business. Chick-fl-A with the Cathy family is a family business. There are a lot of things that make sense. I think we have the solution to give Kadie a new home and increase the visibility.”

There is an online petition that has more than 5,700 signatures to keep Kadie in Columbus.

The city of Columbus owns Kadie. She was given to the city in February 2001 by Parmalat USA, the Italian company that purchased Kinnett Dairies.

“We will talk to all the interested parties and look at who would be the best party, what would be the best location and who would be the best partner,” City Manager Isaiah Hugley said.

There will be more on this story tonight on News 3.

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