Multiple powerlines and thousands of trees were down throughout Harris county after the March 3rd storms rolled through. Pine Mountain and Ellerslie were most effected by the storms. County manager Randy Dowling says these are the most populated areas in the county.

“From loose shingles to complete roofs where roofs were completely blown off, Pine Mountain received the same amount of damage, so about 245 homes total in the whole county were damaged in the whole county,” Dowling said.

Emergency manager director Monty Davis says he remembers receiving multiple calls that night from people in panic. He says fortunately there weren’t any injuries but the landscape of the county has definitely been changed.

“Besides the trees and the vegetation, there’s a lot of blue roofs right now and blue tarps. There’s a lot of construction going on, a lot of repairs going on with the SBA loans that are available to the citizens that’s helping and just people rebuilding and moving on with their lives,” Davis said.

Right now, you can see homeowners still taking debris to the side of the road and burning limbs in their yard. 

Dowling says that the newly constructed Ellerslie Park is being used as a storm debris holding space. Huge piles like this one are not uncommon to see throughout the park.

Ellerslie park was scheduled to open this weekend, but due to storm damage the park won’t be opening anytime soon. 

“The park was dessimated. I bet you over 1,000 trees were knocked down in the Ellerslie Park area it’s a lot thinner now than it was and the lodge received serious damage,” Dowling said.

The Ellerslie Park lodge received up to $60,000 of damage. The only thing that went untouched was a playground put in place two days before.