COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – All across the country over the weekend, tens of thousands of people in more than 400 cities marched and demonstrated, hoping to pressure Congress to pass gun control legislation.

Folks in the Chattahoochee Valley marched as well. In Columbus on Saturday, local organizations teamed up and gathered nearly 100 people on Broadway to march for gun reform.

Victims and survivors directly impacted by gun violence shared their emotional stories calling for tighter gun control.

Speakers called for red flag laws to be put into place, background checks, and raising the age to purchase a gun.

Organizer Ilene Kent says, something has changed, and she believes more people now than ever are standing behind stricter gun laws.

“We would like some sensible gun legislation we’re not interested in taking away from people who know how to handle their weapons,” said Kent. “We do not believe they belong in the hands of civilians … We need to protect our kids. I don’t even have children and grandchildren. And I am here because I believe so much in this cause.”

Gun supporters stood just across the street, showcasing their second amendment rights. Our News 3 reporter says Kent did address the counter-protesters and had a civil conversation with them.