“Mask it or casket”: CSU professors hold protest

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Professors at Columbus State University held a protest to express the need for stricter COVID-19 guidelines on campus.

Professors stood in a socially distanced circle holding signs that said “create a safe space,” “mask it, or casket,” and much more. The professors began chanting “cases showing, cases growing,” along with other chants that voiced the concerns they had. Once the crowd grew with students and the professors began sharing their stories as to why they were protesting.

Biology Professor Brian Schwartz told News 3 it’s difficult to work in an environment with lenient COVID-19 restrictions.

“It’s very frustrating, I teach science, I teach biology. I believe in science, we have a lot to offer to society. It’s very frustrating to be teaching principles of science knowing that here at CSU and across the university system were not following the best science. The CDC has made recommendations that were not even allowed to follow here at CSU,” Schwartz said.

While the protest was going on, one student told professors to find a new job.

“It’s called freedom of speech, I’m vaccinated. Why do I have to wear a mask, because you guys are scared? If you don’t want to do your job in person, get another job. Don’t tell me to wear a mask, what did I get vaccinated for,” the student said.

Schwartz said it’s frustrating when people won’t do their part to protect others from the virus.

“It’s frustrating, we know what works. Regardless of what’s going on in Columbus, Georgia and this area, we could have a safe environment here at CSU if we knew that everyone was vaccinated,” Schwartz said.

But Schwartz said he loves the amount of support they’re getting from faculty and students.

“I feel good about the fact that so many people came out to support us and to support science. This makes me feel great, I’ve been frustrated the whole semester, the whole summer knowing what were coming to so mixed feelings today,” Schwartz said.

The protest began at 12 and was supposed to end at 1:00, but professors wanted to continue the protest by walking around campus.

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