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The Columbus Police Department gave News 3, the their part one crime stats for the last six years. 
Part one crimes include:

  • homicide
  • rape
  • robbery
  • aggravated assault
  • burgulary 
  • larceny and
  • theft-by-taking

Mayor Skip Henderson says he’s working overtime to bring a peace of mind to his people. 

The numbers show that crime is down. Mayor Henderson says he knows there’s room for improvement.  

“We do look at numbers to try and take a look at trends and see where we need to deplore out resources when it comes to policing.. And when it comes to crime prevention,” says Mayor Henderson.

In order to enforce crime prevention, you need officers, an area the Columbus Police Department is lacking in.  

“We desperately need to build up the number of police officers on the front line. We have to get back to a full complement. We’re 90 officers down right now,” says Henderson. 

Henderson says despite the shortage, he applauds the efforts of the department.

“If you look at the numbers, over the last several years, as those numbers have grown in terms of vacancies. We’ve actually gotten better when it comes to criminal activity. They still do an amazing job with the criminal activity,” he said.

When it comes to his first quarter, Henderson’s numbers look good compared to the last first quarters over the last six years.  

“The numbers for the 1st quarter. Overall they’re about the same, theyre up maybe one percent. There was a big spike in robberies which is unusual. It was about double the number of the first quarter of 2018,” he said. 

Henderson says he’s been in contact with a number of boards see how they can get ahead of the crime.  

Mayor Henderson says he does plan to implement the summer work program to lower the amount of juveniles committing crimes. He understands that crime is a societal issue, but he hopes that he can change our society. 

That’s how he plans to keep the confidence and trust of Columbus folks.

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