Mayor’s commission on unity, diversity, and prosperity hosted their annual Dream Lives event

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The day started with a 5k run outside of the Columbus Civic Center, then everyone was invited to attend the annual Dream Lives Commemorative Event. This was Skip Henderson’s first time attending as mayor of Columbus. Henderson says having this event to bring people together is what columbus is all about.

“Any community that doesn’t make sure that it’s completely unified is slowly dying,” Henderson said.

The event is centered around the mayor’s commission on unity, diversity and prosperity. Mayor Henderson says it’s an initiative that helps the mayor continue to develop polcies to create equality for all of our citizens.

“It’s all the differences of our people in our community that make us so strong as a city and it’s so vital that we celebrate the life and legacy of a man that preached love and kindness,” said Henderson.

The program included celebrating the life of Martin Luther King with preformances by a few local entertainers. One of Dr. King’s favorite songs, “Precious Lord,” was preformed and guest speaker Dr. William Pickard addressed the state of the world today. 

“We have Blacks in the U.S. Senate, we’ve had a Black president, but yet we have a large number of Black people who still have not benefited from the greatness in this society. They have not benefited from the civil rights movement as we know it,” Dr. Pickard said.

Dr. Pickard says he met Dr. King when he was a student and that he asked him and his classmates about their aspirations and that that is a moment he will always carry with him. 

Dr. Pickard said it was important to include in his speech how dD. King transitioned through human rights, to civil rights to economic justice.

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