Metropolitan Baptist church hosts their annual church service for Martin Luther King Day

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Dr. King once wrote “human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable.” Today Metropolitan Baptist Church addressed a time for change. Guest speaker L.K. Pendleton says it’s important to analyze where we are today from where we were in 1968.

“I wanted to propel the people or get the people to thinking that we must reclaim our voice because this is the time and that we must now move beyond the social strictures that tend to paralize us and keep us from moving forward,” Pendleton said. 

Pendleton says it’s our duty to see that there’s progression in the movement. Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church Dr. Curtis Crocker says this is the 31st annual service for Martin Luther King day. Crocker says he believes King would be happy to see us celebrating his vision, but be dissapointed the amount of hatred that exists in our community.

“We’ve allowed some of the things in this community to take place in this world, to take place and we’ve allowed some of our freedoms to dictate our passions and our thoughts on other people. I don’t think he would be pleased,”Crocker said. 

Guest speaker Pendleton says in her speech that this is a call to action and if we all looked out for each other in our community there would be a huge improvement. City Councilor Bruce Huff says the service today was to reenergize those in the community to come together.

“The message today is we need to get more involved in the NAACP, we need to get more involved with the new mayor and everything the council does to make this a better place to live,” Huff said.

The service ended with a prayer of unity asking everyone to use this day to enact change.

Guest speaker Pendleton is the president of the local chapter of the NAACP. If you are looking to make a change or get involved with the NAACP there’s more information you can call  (706)984-8613. 

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