COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)- Last week, the rumble of motorcycles and the smell of leather filled Columbus State University’s main campus as the Miracle Riders prepared to take off for their journey across the United States.

The Miracle Riders left CSU’s clock tower on Sept. 3, to start their 21-day long journey to raise money for CSU nursing students. The charity group plans on raising a million dollars to enhance the Nursing Schools pediatric lab. With the money that’s being raised, the Miracle Riders plan on purchasing three new interactive pediatric HAL® simulators and all components to enable lifelike movements, facial expressions, and responses.

The money will also go towards renovations in the simulation lab and the nurses will be able to gain practical lab experience in diagnostics and treatment using life-like simulators. Founder of Miracle Riders, Scott Resmeyer, said they enjoy helping the nurses. 

“Really the way it makes us feel is to see those nurses graduate and go out into our community and helping children in our community so we get more out of it probably than the nurses do,” Resmeyer said.

The first stop for the 18 riders was in Johnson City, Tennessee, they plan on going to all 50 states. They will get to Arkansas and Hawaii by plane. The Miracle Riders will return to Columbus on Sept. 24, and a homecoming celebration will be held that night at the Uptown Columbus concert.