Montravious Thomas attorneys call local report about victim’s injuries “fake news”

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UPDATE: 04/11/18 3:30 p.m.

The city’s attorney’s office released the following statement.

It reads:

Columbus Police Department became aware of a motion seeking to add Lt. Consuelo Askew as a defendant in the case of Lawanda Thomas et al. v. Muscogee County School District et al. That motion is without merit and will be responded to formally in the litigation. The attorneys for Mr. Thomas have indicated that it is their belief that the investigation into the case involving Montravious Thomas is still ongoing. That is incorrect. The Columbus Police Department’s investigation into that matter was completed on April 2, 2018. Although the progress of the investigation was impeded due to the lack of cooperation from Montravious Thomas’s attorneys who refused to allow Montravious to be interviewed by Columbus Police Department investigators, the case was thoroughly investigated by the Columbus Police Department. After a thorough investigation the Columbus Police Department found no evidence of criminal misconduct and, therefore, this case was closed on April 2, 2018 with no charges being filed. The Columbus Police Department considers this case closed and will not pursue any further investigation into this matter unless and until new information becomes available which would necessitate re-opening the investigation.


COLUMBUS, Ga.- Attorneys with Forrest B. Johnson and Associates spoke on behalf of their client Columbus student Montravious Thomas and his mother Lawanda.

“Thought he was in the best of care but evidently he wasn’t .”- says Lawanda.

According to a 25 million dollar lawsuit filed by the family, Thomas was body slammed several times by contracted behavioral specialist Bryant Mosely in September of 2016 at Edgewood Student Services.

During Tuesday’s news conference, they addressed a recent story by an area-reporter regarding Thomas reportedly being injured in an earlier incident, outside of school. 

“That information she provided as far as we’re concerned…is fake news.”- says Forrest Johnson, Attorney for Montravious Thomas and mother.

The attorney explains…

“With regard to the accusations that were made about family members providing information as to our client Montravious’ injury and the cause of his injury..those reports may be accurate in the sense that someone gave her that information..but we can tell you that the information provided is totally inaccurate .”- says Johnson.

Attorneys also addressed a “conflict of interest”, with Lt. Consuelo Askew at the Columbus Police Department heading up the investigation.

“She is a participant, and a witness…a fact witness to the incident in and of itself. She was there, she was on the video, she talked to Montravious at the end of this incident and she’s seen in the the time Montravious is being loaded on to the back of Bryant Mosely and taken to the school bus…and we just have issues with that. “- says Johnson.

The video the attorney is addressing is video he claims he obtained from the MCSD.

Attorneys say because of this “conflict of interest” they have filed a motion with the court to add Lieutenant Askew as a defendant in this case.

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