COLUMBUS, Ga. – Friday we learned more Native American bones have been found.

We’re also learning it could be a burial site of the Muscogee Creek Indians.

The bone fragments were found during excavation of the site.

“We reached out to the Muscogee Creek Nation before we started this project to let them know that we would do it. We are reaching out to them today to let them know that we did find a human burial.”

News 3 is hearing that hundreds of years ago, the Muscogee Creek Tribe would bury their relatives in huts and w’ere also hearing that it’s not uncommon to find clusters of bones on the property Friday. We asked the Columbus Museum to weigh in on whether or not the remains that were found, were found on a burial ground.

“Without being there on the ground and being one of the archaeologists doing the excavation, it’s hard to say for sure. I would say that just finding a few isolated remains does not indicate the presence of what we might consider a burial ground,” says Rebecca Hurst, Curator of History at The Columbus Museum.

The bone fragments found have been reburied out of respect for the Creek Indians and they are meeting with the tribe next week.