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Mother upset after 6-year-old walks out of Smiths Station school without anyone knowing

SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WRBL) -  A Lee County mother is terrified to learn her kindergartner was able to walk out the front doors of East Smiths Station Elementary, without anyone knowing he was gone.
"To have him walk into a school and know he is supposed to be safe and get a call he is not, it's terrifying," Tiffany Kramer told News 3.
Kramer's head is filled with horrifying images of what could have happened to her 6-year-old son. Kramer says last week nobody at her son's school stopped him from walking out alone.

"He thought it was pajama day at school, so he wore them, but it was the next day.  I live around the corner, and he was going home to get his clothes changed. He is 6, and he felt weird in his pajamas when nobody else was in them," she said.

The child was walking alone on Country Road 728, about a block from his school, when a driver spotted him.

"He wouldn't get in the car with her. It was then he got scared and realized he shouldn't have tried to walk home," Kramer said.

Thankfully the driver called 911, and a deputy was nearby. Kramer says it was only when the Lee County Deputy brought her son back, did school officials realize he'd been gone.

"He could have been picked up by anybody. God forbid he could have been hit by a car or bitten by a dog.  Anything could have happened in that 10-minute window," she said.

Kramer loves her son's school and says the principal called and told her what happened. However, she remains troubled that Lee County's Superintendent hasn't returned her calls.   

"It's the end of the year, and I felt like they wanted to keep it hush hush. But I don't care if it's end, middle or beginning of the year; this is someone's child.  I want to make sure it doesn't happen to another child," Kramer said.

Assistant Superintendent Brad Hunter immediately responded to our request for comment and told News 3 in an emailed statement, the matter was taken extremely seriously.  

"Lee County Schools believes each student should be able to receive a quality education in a safe and orderly environment. As situations arise that involve the safety of any individual, those matters are taken with earnest intent. In this particular issue, the issue was addressed and resolved at the school level in a timely fashion by the school principal. As part of any resolution, we include prevention and reaction components," Hunter said.  

Kramer says her son knows better now and is urging other parents to speak with their little ones.




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