It’s lights-camera-action for Harris County as plans to shoot a movie inside the county limits are coming to fruition.  

The name of the movie is Rock-A-Bye, and it’s written by Harris County resident Franky Reaves. 

“I wanted to write something that I knew about, and that’s the military, our area here in Harris County, also lived in Savannah, so just places that I knew about and wanted to write about,” says Reaves.

Reaves says the story is about a veteran from Harris County.

The movie will feature sites like the historical Harris County Courthouse and Harris County High School, as well as local businesses. It also features local talent like Marty Davis and Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley.

“Actually the director and the writer, Franky Reaves, a friend of mine, actually wrote the part for me and called and said will you do this, and I’m on board. Let’s do it,” Davis says when talking about accepting his role as Stony Miles in the film.

Sheriff Jolley plays the judge in a scene that’s filmed inside the Harris Count Courthouse. He says he was more than willing to perform the role.

“It makes it hard to say ‘no’ when kids want you to be involved with them; trying to be a positive role model with our kids, and also, being the high sheriff, I like being involved in things that are involving our county, especially when it’s in a positive aspect, and this movie seemed to be very positive.”

Reaves says he has been writing the movie for over a year, and is excited to bring it to life with the help of his community.

“The community has really reached out and embraced our whole project and that means a lot and living here for over twenty-five years, I just knew it was going to happen,” says Reaves.

“I think it’s wonderful. What a lot of people, what I hope they understand, is that Franky, the writer, is a vet, and the movie is about a vet from Harris County. He was also from Muscogee and Harris County area, so I think it’s really great that someone local is writing a movie plot about someone local,” says Davis.

Filming is set to begin in July this year.

Reaves is looking to the community for additional funding for production. You can contribute by clicking here.