Muscogee County Republicans host GOP runoff candidates

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Republican voters present at Tuesday’s meeting of the Muscogee County Republican Party were given an opportunity to hear from several candidates ahead of the upcoming runoff, including Herman West, Congressional Candidate for the Second District of Georgia and David Belle Isle, Secretary of State Candidate. 

Belle Isle spoke to News 3 about the importance of fair and accurate elections and his plan to require voter ID for absentee voting if elected. 

“We certainly want to make sure that it’s easy to vote, we want to make sure that it’s hard to cheat. And I didn’t come up with that, but we do think that’s the right approach,” says Belle Isle. “And so where we can…to try to figure out how do we make it easier-we need to do that. But also, where we can make it more secure, we need to do that. I believe the best way to defeat voter suppression is to defeat voter fraud,”  said Belle Isle.

Belle Isle, the former Mayor of Alpharetta, will face Republican opponent and State Representative Brad Raffensperger in the runoff. 

Georgia voters can participate in early voting now through July 20 or during the runoff election on July 24. 

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