UPDATE April 13, 2022 – According to Sheriff Gregory Countryman, the items for which Talley is being charged were not permitted to cross the “Guard Line” in the Muscogee County Jail.

The items Talley provided were apparently for an inmate housed in the Muscogee County Jail.

The investigation of Talley’s violation is ongoing, and the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office has not released details of the items provided to the inmate.

At this time, Talley is being held at another jail facility over “safety concerns,” Countryman stated.

Talley is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on April 14, 2022, at 9 a.m.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – On Wednesday, the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of a correctional officer for violating Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office policies.

The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation leading to the arrest of Brianna R. Talley, and the sheriff’s office relieved Talley of her duties as a correctional officer. The investigation discovered Talley “blatantly violated” the sheriff’s office policies and state law.

Talley is charged with the following:

  • one count of Violation of Oath by Public Officer
  • two counts of Items Prohibited for Possession by Inmate