A newly surfaced racist video is striking up controversy tonight with many of our viewers in the Valley.
  Video  shows a group of young men spelling out the N word.
  According to the Russell County/ Phenix City NAACP, the young men are students at Central High School.
 Part of the video involves the group shouting quote, “to hell with the NAACP.
 Saturday, representatives responded with the statement below:

“The Phenix City/Russell County NAACP has been made aware of a racist video on the social media site; Snapchat. The site showed five or six teenage white males spelling out the word N.I.G.G.E.R. then shouting this word out followed by a chant/song that included: “…to hell with the NAACP”. These young men have been identified as students who attend Central High School.

Rev. Alfonza Seldon President of the Phenix City/Russell County NAACP has spoken with the Assistant Principal Parker of Central High School as well as the Phenix City Superintendent, Mr. Randy Wilkes. Reverend Seldon has asked that the school system implement severe consequences for this behavior to show that there will be a zero tolerance for racist postings on social media that degrade anyone because of their race, color or national origin.

The NAACP has obtained a copy of the racist Snapchat video and will release it to the media in order to make the public aware of some of the intolerance that still exists in our society. We will not allow it to become common place and acceptable.

We are asking that disciplinary actions include temporary suspensions, with sensitivity training for the students involved and the school system as well.

And above all we want transparency so that such incident will not be swept under the rug. This will help us to eliminate a toxic atmosphere in this community and help us to come together in the spirit of love, peace and harmony.”

Superintendent Randy Wilkes says, the students will not face any consequences because the incident happened off campus, and out of the school system’s jurisdiction.

He adds, the school system already has sensitivity training in place, for incidents that arise, like the one shown in the video above.