New AC Hotel by Marriott counting on the Broadway location, feel to attract guests. We’ll tell you when it opens

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If you have spent any time downtown recently, you know there are three hotels under construction in a two-block area.

And two of them — the Hotel Indigo on the Chattahoochee River and the AC Hotel by Marriott on Broadway — are racing to completion.

Beginning next month, Marriott will begin taking reservations for the new Columbus AC Hotel for June 2021. But the owners fully expect it to be open before that.

There is a Hotel Indigo under construction at the base of the Frank Martin Pedestrian Bridge at 14th Street. It is expected to open before the end of the year. There is a Hampton Inn being built two doors down from the AC Hotel at the corner of Broadway and 12th Street. It is scheduled to be finished next year.

WRBL News 3 got an exclusive tour this week of the AC by Marriott Hotel under construction in the 1200 block of Broadway,

All three of the new hotels will have their own unique feel. The Columbus-based RAM Hotels, owners of the $22 million AC, are making sure this looks and feels like a Broadway hotel.

RAM Hotels, which owns 25 properties in Georgia and Alabama, is counting on views of downtown as an attraction. On the Front Avenue side, you can see the old Eagle & Phenix smokestacks. There are nice views from all sides.

It blends into downtown.

“We want people that are going to stay in this hotel to also go and eat at EPIP, MaBella’s or 11th and Bay,” said Matt Patel, executive vice president of RAM Hotels. “That is the reason why we are building this hotel. It’s not just this hotel. It’s going to be part of Broadway and Uptown that is really going to make it an experience for somebody coming from Augusta, Mobile, Birmingham, Jacksonville or Tallahassee.”

Make no mistake, Broadway is the attraction. And RAM will play off Broadway and the emerging 1200 block.

“We will have the walk-in doors, spiral doors on Broadway. It’s just going to be an in-and-out deal,” Patel said.

And those doors will lead straight to a bar and lobby that will be the centerpiece of this six-story, 126-room hotel.

“Walking past on Broadway they will feel the energy,” Patel said. “They will almost hear people engaging at the bar. And vice versa and if there are cool dudes or international travelers walking on the Broadway people on the bar will be able to just, not maybe hear them loudly but will be part of that connection.”

The AC Hotel hotel has been on the drawing board for five years. It should be open by April or May of next year.

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