NEW DETAILS: LaGrange Police murder investigation underway

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LaGrange Police say they believe a shooting death that happened late Thursday night may be the result of a ruse and attempted robbery gone wrong.

Authorities say three people were injured while on their way home in the Lexington Park subdivision. Police say the victims stopped on Lexington Park Dr. when they noticed a man parked in the middle of the road who appeared to be working on his car. 

Police say the victims saw another man, who was wearing a mask and carrying a gun, come out of the woods, and they immediately drove off. 

“At that point the individuals in the vehicle believed they were about to be robbed, so they drove around the vehicle, and as they did so, the suspects there on the scene began firing into the vehicle,” says Lieutenant Dale Strickland.

Police say the man who came out of the woods began shooting at the car, injuring the three passengers.

Authorities say when they arrived on the scene, the man who had appeared to be working on his car, had been shot and was later pronounced dead at the Well Star West Georgia hospital.

They say early investigation leads them to believe that the dead man might have been working with the shooter as a ruse.

“Generally, when people have a flat tire, they tend to move to the side of the road, even sometimes off the road, where this one was purposely angled, centered, parked in the road,” says Lt. Strickland.

The situation has some residents shaken up.

One resident says she was on her way home from work when police had the road blocked off, and says once she got in, she learned her children had heard the commotion.

“Immediately, I put them in the middle, toward the living room, a safer area, and not directly by their bedroom window, you know, just to be safe, because I was like, ‘You heard gun shots,’ and they was like, ‘Yeah, we heard gun shots’,” says Tanesha King, “I was a little bit frightened, because in this neighborhood, I’ve never seen anything like this happen, like this is a quiet neighborhood.”

LaGrange Police say it is too early in the investigation to know for certain if the man shot was part of a ruse, but say it does appear that way.

“I believe that that was possibly a ruse, a part of the ruse, based on the witness statements and the way the car was parked in the road,” says Lt. Strickland.

LaGrange Police are working to identify the victim and are seeking information on the shooter.

They also say, if you see a driver needing assistance late at night, to call police and they will come assist that driver. 

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