Columbus Ga. (WRBL) – Tuesday, the Columbus Council made a change to local city ordinances to make the fines tougher for those who litter.

Currently, the fine is at the judge’s discretion and can up to $1,000. The new change, however, makes the littering fine a flat $1,000. Judges still have the power to assign community service for the “indigent” or those determined unable to afford the fine.

“We have had enough of people indiscriminately throwing garbage in this city,” Said Mayor Skip Henderson. “And it seems to have really ramped up over the last year. And we’re going to try to get their attention. I mean if I have to jump in a car and ride around on Saturday’s and watch for them to throw a fast-food bag out, fine with me.”

The new ordinance was proposed by Mayor Pro Tem Gary Allen.  The idea came up when City Manager Isaiah Hugley took a trip to Little Rock, Ark., and saw a sign that posted a $1000 fine for littering. Allen liked the idea so much he pushed for the new city ordinance.