News 3 addresses pros and cons of possible chicken farms in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ga. — According to Facebook, backyard chickens are piquing the interest of some in Columbus.

News 3 referenced a post on the Columbus, Georgia Concerned Citizens Forum Page.

The post reads in part, “We had a chicken yard in the county. Today it’s a no-no.”

“From a nutrition standpoint…knowing where you’re getting your food.” says Sharaya Davis, The Columbus Food Ambassador for Georgia Organics.

“You don’t know what’s being put in to your food when there’s processed food, an abundance of it. We’re turning back to tradition, back to growing your own food, harvesting your own eggs is huge for communities like this, not only to keep you healthy but to keep you plugged in.” says Davis.

One man says he’s against the chicken farms because of instances in the past.

“I don’t know if a lot of people remember it, but there was a pig farm over here on Shepherd Drive and they closed that down because it was too close to the junior high school students. As they approached the campus they got contaminated with it…with a lot of the feces from the pigs.” says Arthur Gordon.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson weighing in on possible chicken farms coming to the area. When speaking to News 3 Friday, she did outline some things that need to be considered, before action can be taken.

“Trying to figure out why other cities are allowing this, whether or not our cities really want this, what the impact would be to other residents who don’t care for the concept.” says Mayor Tomlinson.

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