The sweet, soothing sound of a flute, perfect background, music for folks needing a healing touch.

That’s what they’re providing in the halls of a local hospital.

Flute music, an especially soothing sound for those walking through the lobby of Piedmont Columbus Regional. Beth Parsons is one of several musicians who volunteer to play each week.

“Growing up my mother required that all six of her children play a musical instrument. I started playing flute when i was at St. Anne’s School in the fourth grade and it stuck, and I’ve played ever since,” she said.

Beth’s mother was also instrumental in helping Beth land this volunteer opportunity after an unfortunate diagnosis 17 years ago.

“I was diagnosed with MS in 2002 and shortly after that a lot of changes happened. One, I was unable to work fulltime anymore. My mother was president of the auxilliary here and encouraged me to start volunteering, which i did,” she said.

Beth’s flute has a unique design. “I was not able to play a traditional flute because my arms had become too weak. So I found someone up in White Plains, New York who took my flute and adapted
it so that i was able to play.”

Beth recalls one lady who asked her to play for her husband who was terminally ill. Beth obliged. She played  for him every day for a week. Then the requests stopped.

She assumed the worst. But two weeks later the lady called again saying her husband
was in rehab and wanted Beth to play for him.

“Said my husband is incredibly better and he remembers nothing at all about that time except hearing music,” Beth said. 

She was joined on this particular session by guitarist Nadine Coker, another regular volunteer. They are convinced their efforts are not in vain.

“We know that we’ve touched hearts when they walk by and they sing the lyrics to the hymn we’re playing, or they smile, then we know we’ve made some kind of difference in their heart and that’s what we want to do,” Beth said. 

They have a CD of their music called “Just Breathe” that the auxiliary gives to the families of seriously ill loved ones. On the cover of the CD is the verse from Psalm 147:3.. “He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.”