In the aftermath of the tornadoes from March 3rd, we have brought you numerous stories of how neighbors and friends have rallied to support those whose lives were torn apart.

Tonight, we wanted to share another example of neighbor helping neighbor.  And you should be able to relate to it if you’ve ever lost a wallet or purse.

It was a reunion of newly-formed friendships when Latrell, Tracey, and Rose Ann met at the neighborhood Walmart on Blackmon Road in Columbus Monday afternoon.  Two days ago their lives intersected thanks to a lost credit card holder.

Rose Ann Dupree recalls, “I was on the way to the Y foer water aerobics.  I go three times a week.  And I looked down and my gas gauge looked like it was below empty.”

Rose Ann agreed to retrace her steps that day for me.  She pulled into the Walmart on Blackmon Road and gassed up.  But she inadvertantly left her credit card holder on the trunk of her car and pulled away. “I got about a block or two down the road,” Rose Ann said, “and I kind of looked back and I knew it was gone.”

Rose Ann headed back to the gas station and went in to see the manager, Latrell Boswell.

“She was mad at herself. She said she’d never done anything like this before,” Boswell said. 

So what did Latrell do?

She called her co-worker Tracey Borks who has access to the surveilance cameras and asked her which way Rose Ann went when she left the pumps. 

Tracey said ‘toward the roundabout’.

So they both headed in that direction, scouring the area for the lost cards. And Boswell struck gold. 

“I ran back to the store. I was so excited that I had found all her stuff,” Boswell said. 

Rose Ann’s address was on her card holder, so she and Tracey took it to her house. But Rose wasn’t there. She had called her son-in-law, Rick Tipton, to help her look for her cards. 

Their first stop was back at the gas station. “I walked in and told her who I was. And she said, well, we found the,. And I was like “wow you found them. You’re kidding!” Tipton said. 

Rose and Rick headed home to meet Latrell and Tracey. 

“They were so kind and gracious and Rose Ann was just so thankful that everything was there.” Tipton said. 

Rose Ann was very thankful. “I want to give all the credit to God first and Latrell and Tracey. They have been wonderful,” she said. 

“She said if she had any money she’d gie it to us and we said no, no you wouldn’t. No ma’am, that’s not what we do,” Boswell replied.