COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — We’re almost a week from Election Day, and the Columbus mayor’s race is drawing a lot of attention.

Monday, News 3 talked to some local voters after they cast ballots in the race that features incumbent Skip Henderson and challenger John Anker.

A lot of people have an opinion about the mayor’s race. I talked to about two dozen folks after they voted today at the City Services Center.

This is not a scientific sampling, but rather just a reporter talking to early in-person voters.

Henderson and Anker have been crisscrossing the city seeking support.

Henderson – who had 20 years on the city council before running for mayor four years ago – is asking for a second term.

Anker – who owns a Columbus packaging and manufacturing company – is challenging the city on the crime issue in the city and public safety.

Here’s what some voters told me:

First, two voters who say they stuck with the mayor.

“He was my representative back when he was on city council,” said Robert Whitton, who lives in north Columbus. “And I think he’s done a pretty good job as the mayor. I haven’t heard anybody complaining about him too much.”

John Webb is a retired Columbus city worker who says he voted for Henderson.

“I see progress in the city. I like living in Columbus. I have been living here since ‘75. And I think Mayor Skip Henderson deserves to be mayor again.”

The Anker voters News 3 talked with are looking for change. Just ask Helen Marguerite Hodge, who lives in east Columbus.

“John Anker. And very proud to do it,” she said. “… I listened to his debate, the first one, and I really feel like he really has a good outlook for Columbus, Georgia. Besides, he hasn’t been in public office before. And, I am very dissatisfied with the way things have been going.”

Her husband Clayton Hodge agreed.

“I voted for John Anker,” he said.

More folks told News 3 they were voting for Henderson, but again this is not scientific. One Henderson supporter who did not go on camera put it this way: “For nearly four years we have had a dog. I know the dog. I am not going to get a new dog and run the risk of getting bit.”

And, you heard, Anker supporters told News 3 they wanted change.

In-person advance voting will continue 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Friday. Advance polls are at the City Services Center, Columbus Technical College and Shirley Winston Park.

Election day is Tuesday, May 24th.