Northside High School students are headed to the National Deca Competition

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After several months of planning Northside High School students presented their domestic minor sex trafficking campaign at the DECA state competition. 

“When we found out that we got first place, I was shocked. My jaw dropped and I was so surprised, but I was very grateful that we had done as well as we did,” White said.

To qualify for the Deca competition the students had to prepare a 20 page manual which consists of a detailed analysis of their topic and how they spread awareness for their issue. The Northside students created an interactive project for students and parents with a week of events.Cheyanne Brosam says although they spent days practicing they were still not sure what to expect.

“I was so nervous. I’m gonna be honest with you. I didn’t know how we were gonna do and then Mackenzie’s laptop almost died and we were freaking out, but I went in their thinking I’m gonna go in like I already won and we did pretty good,” Brosam said. 

Bobbi Starr with Micah’s Promise partnered with the ladies and helped them with the evidence-based material for their presentation. Starr says she is proud of the impact that these girls have made outside of their school.

“We’re super excited though because the girls had such an impact just in the community and people hearing about it. We’ve seen more people engaging because they see the younger generation showing that they care about what is going on,” Starr said.

Northside students won a trip to Disney World and will also compete at Nationals the last week of April. The students also say they plan to do this project every year.

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