Northside High School students spread awareness for domestic minor sex trafficking

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Today is End it Movement day which shines a light on modern day slavery. There is an estimated 500 girls trafficked here in Georgia per month. Marketing teacher Emily Styers says every year her students do a P.R. project and this year she wanted to focus on domestic minor sex trafficking. 

“There’s kids at Northside, there’s no doubt in my mind, that are being exploited and we need to bring awareness to it and notice the signs of it so that we can better be able to recognize it and that students can be able to recognize it with their friends so that we can bring an end to it,” Styers said. 

Cheyanne Brosam was one of the students who spearheaded the event and says her mission was to inform students that anyone can be affected by this.

“The week of events was basically just to bring awareness to the students of Northside of how bad sex trafficking really is and how young it starts out, how long people are in it, how long they live because people only live for like seven years at most before they’re killed or kill themselves,” Brosam said.

Styers’ students started the week off with a red sand project which signifies children in sex trafficking who are often looked over. Northside students created a human doll box which signifies how sex traffickers see children as a product.

The nonproft organization, Micah’s Promise, also held an evidence based training this week for parents, teachers, and students to learn the signs of how to identify the signs that a child is being sex trafficked.

According to Georgia Cares, the average age of someone in a sex trade is 14 making them a high school freshman.  

“The youngest age was nine and in someplaces, but nationally it’s eleven and ninety one percent of the girls and boys that are trafficked are still enrolled in school. So I think that it really just broke my heart when I found that out and that I could be going to school with some of them,” White said. 

Next week, the students will be traveling to Atlanta to compete in the DECA competition showcasing their domestic minor sex trafficking campaign at the state level. 

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