ONLY ON 3: Auburn’s second high school set for 2024 opening

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AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – Auburn City Schools prepares for historic change as a second high school will open its doors to students, teachers and staff in 2024.  

Auburn is one of Alabama’s fastest growing cities. A desirable school system makes the city a popular place for families. If growth estimates are accurate somewhere between 3,200 to 4,000 high school students could call Auburn home by the year 2024.
“As long as this town flourishes and student enrollment grows there will have to be a second high school, and it will be up to the board,  administrators and myself to do all we can to make it as comparable, as collaborative and peaceful as we can,” said Auburn School Superintendent Dr. Karen Delano.

Dr. Delano expects by the year 2021 a design phase for the new high school will be underway. She estimates at least two years of construction with a 2024 completion date. The estimated cost is $76-million, similar to the current high school.

“We feel with debts we will be rolling off and the revenue coming in we feel very comfortable with being able to manage managing the new school,” said Dr. Delano.

The high school is slated for northwest Auburn. However, the final location remains unknown.  The school system owns property between Highway 14 and Richland Road but Delano says a land search continues.  
“I don’t want people to automatically think it’s going to be on that piece of property because we might find a better location, Now, do I think the high school would work on that property…yes,” said Dr. Delano.

The superintendent says it’s probable the two high schools will compete against one another in athletics. Dr. Delano agrees that may be a challenge. On the plus side, she says a second school creates opportunities for more students to make a team, play in the band or sing in the choir.  
“I have said it all along, the schools need to be as similar as possible.  So if I go to the second high school or the first high school as a parent I know my children have very similar opportunities and classroom environments,” explained Delano.

Dr. Delano says the school board is studying other cities who’ve transitioned to two high schools.  
We don’t know if the new high school will retain Auburn in it’s name or be named something completely different. We will keep you updated as more details on Auburn’s new high school are released.

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