A Phenix City mother says she doesn’t understand why her son’s seventh-grade teacher is bullying him. 

“I need some help,” 13-year-old Jar’Keice Dixon says. He raised his hand in his 4th-period class to ask for help on an end of the year project in Krista Downing’s math class. But he says he received everything but that.

“I needed help and she wouldn’t answer and she yelled at me,” he said.

*Video: Jar’Keice: “I don’t get it..”

Teacher: “You don’t get what? Cause I don’t get you. We’ve had this conversation more than once and I’ve had it with your mom.”

Dixon says he took the video for one reason.  “To prove that I’m right.. and to my mom and to everybody else.”

Dixon’s mother, Shellena says she couldn’t believe what she heard.

“You’re eight days away from being out of my room. What do you not get? The teacher is not holding your hand. I don’t have a plate of food that I am spoon feeding to you. GROW UP!” 

“He’s not grown. He’s 13 years old. He’s not grown you don’t say that to a child. He comes home every day saying that she yelling in his ear and he has a headache,” Shellena says.  

She went to the school board and they told her to allow the principal to handle it. 

“So I went back to Mr. Cook and he watched the video too and they both said they its very unappropriate (sp),” she said. 

“I don’t understand what you don’t understand..”

She says she wishes the school and the board handle it differently for other parents. “I don’t want anybody going through what I did this year. “

Phenix City Superintendent Randy Wilkes says he’s had a chance to watch the video. He says the matter has been thoroughly investigated and steps have been taken. Wilkes says he is unable to speak about the actions taken against the teacher. 

He says “the Phenix city school system does not tolerate teachers handling students in that way and the behavior was unacceptable and inappropriate.”