The East Alabama Chamber of Commerce has created a project for the city’s community to “revive the arts in Phenix City and breathe new life into its entertainment district,” to install an interactive mural by the Russell County Courthouse and facing the city’s outdoor amphitheater and riverwalk on May 4.

The partnership, led by the East Alabama Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class of 2019, includes “representatives from organizations and businesses in the east Alabama region,” alongside the university’s Phenix City campus.

Artist Amber Stidham, an artist from LaGrange, Ga., will be in Phenix City to “collaborate with attending community members during the May 4 event to complete the phoenix wings mural” which will then be dedicated to the city and county, according to a press release. Last week, Stidham outlined hte mural and painted the top portion, “allowing the rest of the mural to be painted without a ladder,” according to Haley Ramey from the Phenix City Housing Authority.

“The decision to use imagery from the mythological bird was intentional, as it signifies the rise of Phenix City from the ashes of its tumultuous past into a new and powerful life,” said Travis.

The project is intended to help the city “engage and inspire” the community.

“Given the colorful past that Phenix City is so remembered for, we’re thrilled to see that the selected design showcases the electric phoenix as it rises from the ashes. This prompts our community to remember the courageous stance that the Citizens of Phenix City displayed in 1954 when they stood up to crime and corruption that dubbed us then as the ‘Sin City of the South,’” said Shaun Culligan, Economic Development Manager of Phenix City.

The 25-foot mural is schceduled to be painted from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time at 508 Dillingham Street, with the event open to the public. There will be music, food, and room for hte community to paint together.