Piedmont Columbus Regional offered tours through the human brain at Riverfest in Uptown

Local News

WRBL News Three has been keeping up with this year’s annual Riverfest festivities. If you visited the white water rafting season kick off in Uptown today, you probably saw a larger than life brain next to a Piedmont Columbus Regional tent.

The local hospital kicked off National Stroke Awareness month by giving people a tour through the human brain. On the brain were different examples of what it looks like when someone has had a stroke and tips on how you can prevent one.

Kelli Brennan and her team were also there making folks aware of different signs and symptoms. Brennan says if anyone is experiencing any stroke like symptoms it is important to act fast.

“It has the fast acronym which stands for facial, arm weakness, speech, and time. That’s on everything that we are handing out. So people are coming in and talking to us, but also taking things home with them that have some educational information on them,” Brennan said. 

Brennan says that a stroke is one of the top causes for long term disability.She encourages anyone who may be experiences stroke like symptoms to call 9-1-1.

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