HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN)  — Many residents in Houston County significant major damage due to Hurricane Michael.
“Me and Lucy was in the bed watching TV, and that limb busted my window out, and it just went over the trailer,” said Houston County resident Glenda Worthy. “Bathroom’s gone, my ceiling’s gone, the floor’s sunk in right there, my closet’s split, and the bathroom just tore up. I can’t use it.”
What’s worse for Worthy and others is that they’re not insured.
Brad Rice of Alfa Insurance says many are not insured because many think its unaffordable.
“Finances and economy is important to them, but there are ways we can insure their valuables in an economical way,” said Rice. 
Rice also discussed the importance of having flood insurance along with having a homeowners’ policy or renters’ insurance.
“If your hot water heater floods your home or your bathroom floods your home, most policies will have some type of protection for that, but if flood waters rise and flood your home, then there’s no protection for that unless you have a flood policy,” he said. “The home, a lot of times, is people’s most valuable possession so it’s very important that they protect that asset and cover that.”
Rice said any time is good to get insurance but stressed the importance of getting it before another hurricane arrives.