Professional hockey makes its way back to Columbus

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During Tuesday’s city council meeting, Mayor Skip Henderson and the council voted unanimously to bring the sport back to the Civic Center. 

Civic Center director Jon Dorman says he’s excited to add to the center’s schedule.

“We are thrilled beyond belief to have another hockey team back in the building,” says Dorman.

He says he wasn’t just fighting for the sport to come back.. but also for his employees. 

“It’s more than just the excitement of the games and the team to rally around for the city. But more importantly, to me personally, it’s about additional dates on the calendar for our part time staff,” Dorman says. 

The extra dates will be a financial boost for his workers as well as the city. He says whatever hockey team comes to town will bring a substantial amount of money with them. 

“Out of the 30 home games throughout the season, We estimate the net P & L (profit and loss) to be somewhere between a postive 75 to 95 thousand dollars to the bottom line of our operating fund, he says. 

With the estimates done and the agreement finally signed, Dorman says now they wait. 

“We’re waiting for a schedule, we’re waiting for a team. The Federal Hockey League which is what we’re going to be apart of, they were holding up everything until the lease got approved,” he said.

His first words after the approval. “Let’s get a team. Let’s get a schedule. Let’s get on the ice.”

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