COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — WRBL News 3 was there every step of the way as President Joe Biden awarded Col. Ralph Puckett the Medal of Honor on May 21, 2021 in Washington D.C.

News 3’s Phil Scoggins and Chuck Williams were allowed access to the Pucketts during this historic event.

Here is a recap of the News 3 coverage.

Above is the half-hour special WRBL aired on Friday.

Above is the montage of U.S. Army Rangers describing what Col. Puckett did in November 1950 on Hill 205.

Above, Col. Ralph Puckett becomes one of the nation’s most highly decorated soldiers.

Above is the live coverage from the White House following the awarding of the Medal of honor.

Above the uniform that Col. Puckett wore into the White House holds great significance.

Above meet the man who fought 18 years to ensure Col. Ralph Puckett and the Eighth Army Rangers received the honor they earned.

Above Ralph and Jeannie Puckett share a seven-decade love affair that grew out of the Battle of Hill 205.

Above the Puckett family — two surviving children and six grandchildren — were in Washington to share in the celebration of honor and bravery.

Above Col. Puckett used his moment in the nation’s spotlight to address the deep political divide that is ripping the nation apart.

Above one of the men who fought with Col. Puckett says the Medal of Honor is well deserved.

Above the White House announces the Medal of Honor will go to Col. Ralph Puckett.

Above the Washington Post and WRBL News 3 broke word of Col. Puckett’s Medal of Honor on April 30, moments after the colonel and Mrs. Puckett received a call from President Biden.

Above how the Boy Scouts helped shape Col. Ralph Puckett into one of our nation’s greatest military leaders and warriors.

Above a young Columbus artist draws the assignment of a lifetime.

Above WRBL News 3’s Phil Scoggins and Chuck Williams reflect on their relationships with Col. Puckett.