COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Officials from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development have confirmed that they have begun the process to abate the Section 8 contract with the Ralston Towers living facility.

Residents were informed this morning when an official letter from HUD was placed on their door.

Housing authority of Columbus President Len Williams said that HUD contacted his office recently and asked if they were interested in being involved in administering the voucher program.

According to Joe Phillips a HUD Public Affairs Officer, HUD plans to allow residents to receive Tenant Protection Vouchers, if eligible, to help move the residents to appropriate accommodations.

Officially, HUD has started the initiation process to abate the contract with Ralston Towers for the housing assistance program that is currently aiding residents that live in the building.

Here’s the official statement from HUD on the process:

HUD has initiated action to abate the HUD Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments contract.  As part of the process of the abatement of the contract eligible households may be issued Tenant Protection Vouchers and provided relocation assistance in helping locate and move to other suitable housing.

Joe Phillips, Public Affairs Officer, HUD