Regular school is out for the summer but the speed cameras are still on

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HAMILTON, Ga. (WRBL) – It may be summertime but summer school is in session, which means Redspeed speed cameras are still active in Hamilton City school zones.

The cameras that were installed last November and began ticketing violators sometime in January of this year are still being used to monitor speeders in the school zones if there is summer school in session.

Assistant to the Mayor Buddy Walker said the reasoning behind this is simple.

“The children are there what’s the difference? There is no difference,” said Walker. “Summer school or regular school the children are there and we’re there to protect the children… period.”

Walker explained the way the cameras are operating currently is by a schedule the school district provides the Mayor’s office, then the office will hand the schedule over to the companies who run the beacons and cameras. What speeders need to know is if the beacons are flashing the cameras are on and you will be ticketed if you’re speeding in the school zone.

Last week Walker said there was a nationwide system malfunction that may have caused some late night drivers to panic.

“What happened was, it just messed everything up,” said Walker. “So one of the beacons ran all night long at one of the schools. No tickets were given during this time.”

Walker added that they’ve had to do some sorting out with the cameras and beacons in the last few months. Some people received tickets when the beacons were not flashing. The council went back checked the tickets and dismissed them if this was the case.

“We have dismissed them and we have gone back and we have repaid some of the tickets that were paid and also the fee that they were charged because they were outside the blinking signs,” said Walker.

Besides technical malfunctions and confusion about when and why the cameras are operating Hamilton Chief of Police Eric Weiss said the cameras do serve a purpose and they are serving it well.

“Overall the goal is to slow people down and they’re being very, very effective,” said Weiss. “We have seen speeds drastically reduce as far as maximum speed and also repeat violators have reduced as well so it’s productive.”

The police department has created a Facebook page where Weiss said you can be informed about the cameras and their times of operation. The Facebook page also has information on how you can argue against a ticket by scheduling a court date if you believe you were wrongfully ticketed.

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