COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Residents at Pine Meadows had a meeting with City Councilman Bruce Huff about the conditions at the mobile home park on Wednesday.

Residents say they reached out to Huff because they are fed up with the treatment and conditions at the mobile home park. Huff met with residents at the mobile home park Sept. 8, 2021 around 4 p.m. to listen to their concerns about what exactly is going on at the mobile home park. A small group of residents gathered around Huff to let their voices be heard.

“The tenants were very, very upset and they called the city and started trying to find me. So my office number started ringing, my cell phone number started ringing and I responded back to them with the fact that I would set up a meeting with the tenants,” Huff said.

Residents say the owner of the mobile home park is raising their rent by $200 and up. Residents also said the mobile home park is poorly maintained so residents think it’s unfair to raise the rent, tenant Sabrina Cooper told News 3 no one is maintaining the property.

“We have a new park manager, nothing is being fixed. The trash is running over, the grass is too high, the roofs they leak. If you call down there nobody answers the phone and the first thing they ask you is, well did you leave a message?,” Cooper said.

Cooper said she and other residents have left countless messages but no one has gotten back to them.

“You have people whose doors do not lock, we’re leaving in an unsecured place. You’re living where there are leaks in your roof, you’re living where the roof is falling in and they patch up the roof. But for the new trailers, they’re putting up tin roofs instead of trying to take care of the people that are here paying their rent,” Cooper said.

One resident told Huff she doesn’t have an issue with the increase in rent but she has an issue with the property not being maintained if they’re going to raise the rent.

“I don’t have a problem with the increase, but they’re increasing by $200, that’s wrong. I mean it’s people over here that can barely pay their rent, I don’t have a problem paying my rent. I’m going to let y’all know because I want you to look at it, I’m leaving anyway. Because I refuse to pay somebody $715 to live over here and it’s unsanitary, it’s not safe, you have cats taking over we have more cats than we do residents, there’s a trash pile up, the grass is overgrown, it’s not fair and then you’re going to put a note on our door at 11:00 at night that’s not right at all,” the resident said.

After listening to all the residents, Huff plans on talking about the issue with Mayor Skip Henderson and the City Manager.

“I’m hoping that when I meet with the Mayor and the City Manager that we’ll be able to come up with some plans to meet with the owners. Find out what we can do to try and bring some of these things to a resolution as far as trying to get the rent not raised so high or maybe to get the grass cut or to get a trailer cleaned. It’s going to take a lot of dialogue and conversation to see where we go because this is private property, but it’s also governed by the city as far as the code,” Huff said.

Cooper told News 3 she feels like she’s being treated like an ingrate.

“I feel like they’re treating me like an ingrate, like I don’t deserve to live. I work for my money, I am a veteran of the United States Army. I’m the widow of a disabled vet and the mother of a disabled vet, and I feel like they’re being very disrespectful, the way that they’re treating people around here. Nobody around here is trying to commit crimes, we’re trying to live,” Cooper said.

Cooper also feels if management was taking care of the property like they’re supposed to, she would be okay with them raising the rent to a certain extent.

“I would be okay with them raising the rent to a certain extent, but to raise a person’s rent to almost $300, that’s uncalled for,” Cooper said.

News 3 has reached out to Pine Meadows management and is awaiting a response.