COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Hundreds of mourners showed up at the Columbus Civic Center today to pay respects to a soldier, pastor, and community leader. 

Rev. Roy Plummer was remembered as a leader who served his flock and his community with grace and dignity. 

The life of Jamaican-born Roy George Plummer was celebrated at the Columbus Civic Center Thursday. 

And part of that celebration was leaving to singer Bob Marley’s “One Love.” In a music-filled service, that is the song that was played as Plummer’s casket was taken out of the arena.

Plummer was senior pastor of Faith Tabernacle Community Church, an Army chaplain who rose to the rank of colonel, leader of the Muscogee County School District Junior ROTC program, and an advocate for homeless veterans. 

Bishop Jonathan Alvarado of Grace Church International in Atlanta said Plummer’s was a life well lived. 

“I stand before you today as a eulogist, one who gives good words,” Alvarado said as he was closing. “And I am grateful to the family for letting me say these words. And I am grateful for Pastor Plummer for living in such a way that I didn’t have to lie about it.” 

Junie Christian drove from South Carolina to Columbus to pay his respects to a man he first met in uniform years ago. 

“You don’t find folks like Roy that care so deeply about community, care so deeply about service,” Christian said. “So, his legacy will be his service. Leaving Jamaica, coming to America, serving his country, leaving the military, and then continuing to serve the community, and to serve God. So, his legacy is one of service, of leadership and love of humanity.” 

And Plummer was worthy of his position in the community. 

“He was worthy because he was a visionary leader and a church planter. He was a soldier and a scholar. He was a humanitarian, representing the best of the human spirit,” Alvarado said. “Certainly, we need men and women of that character and renown in times like these in which we live.” 

People remembered Rev. Plummer’s deep, rich, unique voice. And several times, his signature line — “Thanks a million” was repeated. 

“If you were to open him up and look inside, you would see, ‘Thanks a Million,'” Christian said. “Going to miss you, Roy. Love you, bud. Take care.” 

Roy Plummer was 84 years old.