Robert Moore finds success in the Project Homeless Connect Program

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One year ago, Robert Moore was one of the numerous homeless people that walked around these booths hoping to catch a break.  

“It was because of my choices. And the things I was involved in, that lead me to be without,” Moore says. 

He remembers one day vividly. 

“I slept on some people’s floors for a little bit and one night, I sent outside in the cold, January 4th , I will never forget it. It was very cold night. It was freezing. The next day I found my way to the Valley Rescue Mission,” he said. 

Fast forward a year later and now he’s on the up and up. He now works on the X-ray machine that detects bones in chicken at a factory.  

He owes all the thanks to the Project Homeless Connect Program and God.  

“This past year has been amazing. I can’t do anything but give God, my Lord and Savior, all the Glory. It was my effort, but it was by his grace and mercy that I’m here,” he smiled. 

Moore says he came back to make it clear that nobody has to be homeless.   

“It’s to bring motivation and to bring hope. Just to let them know that just because you’re in a position one day doesn’t mean you have to stay in that position. There are opportunities and resource to help you achieve what you’re looking for,” Moore said. 

One big thing that Robert is looking for is to reconnect with his kids.  

“To be honest, I’m estranged with most of my kids because I lived a life that was selfish. It was about me and what I wanted to do,” Moore said. 

So in the next few years, his goal is to reconnect with his family and be a better person. 

“I can’t change the things I’ve done and the things I’ve been through but tomorrow can be different. Today can be different,” he said.  

That’s the message he wants to leave other homeless friends. 

“If I can succeed you can succeed. In the book of Philippians.. It says ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’,” Moore smiled. 

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