Our station and other local groups are participating in Run Ranger Run, a fundraiser that helps veterans transition out of the military.

The annual run is inspired by Third Ranger Batallion veteran Cory Smith who ran 565 miles from Columbus to Indiana to be with his family. Smith was having a hard time transitioning back to civilian life

“It is used to help transitioning veterans in their time of crisis whether it be for job searches, teaming up with another veteran and that’s the primary focus of the Darby Project to hook transitioning veterans with veterans that have already made the transition out of the service,” Ryan Sharack said.

Sharack has helped several veterans transition through the Gallentfew, an organization that partners with Run Ranger Run and says helping other veterans transition is a great way to give back. Traci Dewan is the Run Ranger Run community ambassador here in Columbus and says multiple businesses have hopped on board to help out veterans.

“Local businesses and organizations have been fantastic at getting behind us. A lot of the big companies in the area have jumped on board in making their own teams thank you WRBL, but they are making teams, they’re sponsoring their individuals that work for them and they showed up to some of our kick off events we appreciate their support,”Dewan said.

News 3’s Chief Meterologist Bob Jeswald has been participating in Run Ranger Run since its start in 2012 and brought it to the station in 2014.

“Over the last several years we’ve been doing this we’ve had a small group doing this we’ve started with just a handful of us here at W-R-B-L thinking it would be a good way for people to engage and do something good for themselves and at the same time give back. It has changed a lot of attitudes and made a difference in a lot of our employees lives,” Jeswald said.

There are three teams here at WRBL. They enjoy using this as an opportunity to give back to the Fort Benning community.

The money goes toward the Gallantfew organization which helps a veteran in our community team up with a civilian to transition into civilian living with a five point process.