RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) — Russell County’s Chief Deputy Assistant D.A., Rick Chancey, has announced his plans to run for District Attorney following the term of long time D.A. Kenneth Davis.

In August, Davis submitted a retirement letter to Governor Kay Ivey. He has since withdrawn his letter with intentions of finishing his term in 2022.

Rick Chancey was hired several months ago after Davis pulled back his retirement letter.

Both Chancey and Davis spoke earlier this evening at Chancey’s Campaign Kickoff and Fundraising Reception.

“This man right here, Rick Chancey, is the man that you want I believe to do that, because he has all of those qualities. He believes in justice. He believes in equality. He works hard and he’s a good lawyer,” Davis said.

Chancey spoke on his continuing intentions in the D.A.’s office at his election campaign.

“Let’s go out and help people. That’s what we need to do. Whatever your role is, to help the victims, to serve the person accused. My fellow bar members, let’s represent those accused, those families,” Chancey shared.

Chancey has been in private practice. Russell County’s District Attorney post is a six-year term.