RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – The Russell County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an inmate suicide at the Russell County Jail.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor announced the inmate suicide at a news conference Tuesday night.

According to Sheriff Taylor, Robert Worthington, Jr. was discovered dead in his cell at 6:50 p.m. Tuesday evening. Sheriff Taylor says officers found Worthington hanging in his cell.

Officers performed CPR on Worthington, but it was unsuccessful, according to Sheriff Taylor.

Sheriff Taylor says Worthington was fine less than 30 minutes prior to being found dead. “We spoke to him this afternoon at head count at 6:30. Our officers looked in on his cell, waved to him. He said he was okay.”

Investigators arrested Worthington on January 11, for two counts of Sodomy 1st Degree of a Child. He appeared in court on January 13, where he was given a $50,000 bond on each charge, totaling $100,000.

Sheriff Taylor says on January 13, Worthington spoke to the department’s psychiatrist, who cleared him.

“He spoke to our psychiatrist. I spoke with her tonight, myself, in depth about their conversation. There was nothing that lead her to believe that, he was, in fact, she was very adamant to me that he was not suicidal,” said Sheriff Taylor.

The Russell County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal investigation. ALEA has also been called in to conduct an independent investigation.

Worthington’s suicide is the second inmate suicide at the Russell County Jail this month. On January 8th, James Jennings also committed suicide in his cell, according to the Russell County Sheriff’s Office.

At Tuesday’s news conference, Sheriff Taylor address both of the inmate suicides.

“This is disturbing from our perspective. We certainly don’t anticipate this type of thing happening. We have taken every precaution that we know to take.”