RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL)— Tuesday, the Russell County Sheriff’s Office introduced their newest safety measure, this one available for all citizens to download.

“This is just going to enhance what we do and how effective we are in our community,” Sheriff Heath Taylor said in a news conference. “This app is really going to do a lot for us in the sense of we’re going to be able to tell the public first and foremost on a timely basis things that we think they need to know.”

The Russell County Sheriff’s Office App was developed by TheSheriffApp.Com, a division of Auburn-based company OCV LLC.

Features on the app include a Most Wanted page, contact information for all school resource officers and their respective schools in Russell County, in custody search, jail information, sex offender information and locations, contact information for animal control, and even a place to submit anonymous tips.

“To have the ability to push a tip out or address an issue right at your fingertips, I think is going to be a huge asset for the public and for us,” Chief Investigator with the RCSO Lt. Jarrod Barr said.

Lt. Barr will oversee the tips submitted to the app, as well as the time-sensitive push notifications that will be sent out to citizens.

“Wrecks, locations to avoid, potentially a chase, things like that. Any type of information that we’re looking for help with. Information on wanted people, information on a crime that may have just occurred that we have a photograph of the offender or a photograph of the vehicle that they’re driving. We will be able to push that out,” Sheriff Taylor said.

The app also has an internal communication feature for deputies within the Russell County Sheriff’s Office.

The free app is available to all smart phone users and can be downloaded here or from the app store.

Sheriff Taylor also says while they’ve been working on this app for several years, they wanted to roll it out as quickly as possible following the shutdown of their main Facebook page. He says the RCSO has access to their investigations Facebook page, but not their main page.

TheSheriffApp.Com was founded over 15 years ago out of Auburn, Ala. Their holding company is OCV LLC which develops apps for public safety, law enforcement, and public health. Currently the company serves over 400 sheriffs across the country.

“We appreciate the partnership and as a Sheriff Taylor said it’s the RCSO app, it’s the community app and it’s all to make this a safer community to live, work and play,” Kevin Cummings with TheSheriffApp.Com said in the news conference.