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Sarah Riggs Amico addresses supporters during Columbus rally

The Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor is poised to make history.

Columbus, Ga-  Republicans weren't the only candidates making their way across the state before decision day on Tuesday. Democratic nominee and Casey Cagle's potential replacement for Lieutenant Governor, Sarah Riggs Amico, also spoke to supporters during a special  stop in Columbus. The Jack Cooper Executive is poised to make history along with Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Stacy Abrams if elected.  Amico wasted no time stating her position on a number of issues and calling out Republicans for playing politics. 

"We have been walking the talk while these guys have been sitting in the Gold Dome on the Republican side talking politics," says Amico. "And instead of problem solving they've been politicking. They've been too busy stripping away tax credits for Delta Airlines, our states largest employer-too busy to actually figure out how to get rural healthcare. Tell people you believe rural communities deserve access to affordable high quality healthcare....and that they matter and that they're a vital part of this state."

State Senator David Shafer and former State Representative Geoff Duncan are on Republican ballots on Tuesday in a runoff for Lieutenant Governor. Tomorrow's winner will face Amico in the general election in November. 

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