School is almost in session and so are the Hamilton City speed cameras

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HAMILTON, Ga. (WRBL) – The Aug. 6 start day for the Harris County School District is almost here, which means speed cameras placed outside the school zones will be turning back on. This year Hamilton Police Chief Eric Weiss is making it his mission to ensure the public is well aware of when these cameras are on and active.

The Chief and city are going above and beyond placing a giant marquee with a reminder of the school and camera start date on the Hamilton City Square. Chief Weiss has also created a Facebook page where he can post information frequently, especially about the cameras.

“During this school year, the upcoming school year, what we wanted to do as the Hamilton police department and a city is really post the times out and say these are the times,” said Weiss. “Now it’s still when the beacons are flashing but we’re on it this year, and we’re going to make sure the times are exactly correlated with the beacons so there is not confusion.”

Another part of his mission heading into the school year is to make sure everyone understands the Redspeed speed cameras are not a speed trap. Weiss says the cameras, when active only reduce the speed 10 miles per hour in the school zones.

He goes on to explain the cameras will only be active for an hour before school starts and an hour after school ends. Despite having the ability by law to have them on and active throughout the school day.

“They are not active during the school day,” said Weiss. “By law we can have them active. However the city council voted last year to not have them operational during school time.”

The Hamilton Police Department now has full control over the beacons, cameras and approving tickets which Chief Weiss said has made the process a lot more efficient.

He is also working on creating a email dedicated to receiving and answering citizens concerns over the cameras and speeding tickets.

“I talked to the citizens in Hamilton and I feel like the biggest frustration with them was a lack of information that was presented to the public,” said Weiss.

So far the city has used the money for community events like a school supplies giveaway and ice cream social, meet and greets with the Hamilton Police Department.

Weiss added the city has seen less repeat offenders when it comes to speeding in the school zones , which means the cameras are working.

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