Second armed robbery this week

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Police are searching for suspects in connection with the second armed robbery in Columbus this week. 

Ray’s Food Mart is recovering after two masked men barged in demanding money. In broad daylight, a worker was held at gunpoint while they took every dollar she worked for this morning. 

“When i saw them come in, i was scared,” says Ray’s Food Mart worker Nancy Nguyen.

She recounts the feelings she had when she encountered the robbers around 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. 

“I opened the register to give them all the money but they still wanted more, they demanded more money. i said that’s all i got and they put a gun to my face,” Nguyen says. 

After asking her again, one robber hit her. 

“They hit me over the head about 2 or 3 times,” shes recounted. 

After a morning of making a hefty amount of money selling lottery tickets, it was gone in a flash as they took about $700-800. 

She says she pressed the security button, behind the counter, hoping to be rescued, but she says all she received was a phone call about two minutes after the robbers left.

“They said “This is 911, you called?” I said yes, somebody came and robbed me,” Nguyen says.  

Her niece Briana believes someone dropped the ball saying “when help is needed its needed.”

But in the end, Nguyen had a smile on her face saying she was glad no one was hurt. 

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