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Select Columbus Fire & EMS employees are not getting their full $2600 incentive pay

COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) - The issue with pay among the Columbus Fire Department was addressed during the Tuesday city council meeting.

When it comes to a paramedic incentive, that's supposed to ensure an annual pay of $2600, it appears that's not happening.

"Employees in our department that are not receiving the full paramedic certification pay," says Fire Chief Jeff Meyer, Columbus Fire and EMS.

Meyer says about a year ago he noticed the employees that underwent medic certification were not getting their full $2600 annual incentive pay.

"We think the intent going all the way back to when the Fire Department and EMS Department consolidated July 1, 2001, was for the certification pay to go to those folks that were actively riding ambulances and providing that pre-hospital emergency care from the ambulance," Chief Meyer  says

But when it comes to the more than five employees who haven't been getting the full incentive payment.

"Work in staff, they're not working in the field, they're not riding an ambulance," Chief Meyer says. He says those employees have since been promoted.

"Once they move into... and we don't have many of these positions... but once they move to a staff position that incentive pay is reduced. And of course they get the raise for the promotion but at the end of the day they bring home less money." Chief Meyers says. 

He went on to make his request.

"Within the next couple weeks come to you with an ordinance..cleaning up all those past ordinances from 2001 with a goal of ensuring the employees that maybe start today with us...go through the process within a year or two become paramedics through our paramedics program and address the needs that we have in the field but also get promoted and one day they're standing in front of council. They're the Fire and EMS Chief and they're a paramedic receiving that pay." Chief Meyer says.

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